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Applicant hereby certifies that the foregoing figures and statements contained herein and attached hereto are true and correct and are furnished to Diatec Canada for the purpose of inducing Diatec Canada to extend credit to Applicant. Applicant hereby authorizes Diatec Canada to verify information on Applicant, including requesting reports from Credit Reporting Agencies, and to furnish to Applicant the name(s) and address(es) of such agency(ies) upon Applicant’s request. Applicant also agrees to reimburse Diatec Canada for any expenses incurred from collection through the use of third parties, including attorneys’ fees.

Continuing Personal Guarantee

In consideration of Diatec Canada extending credit at my request to Applicant, the undersigned do hereby jointly, severally, irrevocably and unconditionally guarantee and promise to pay to Diatec Canada any indebtedness of Applicant to Diatec Canada (the “Indebtedness”). The undersigned waives any right (i) in the event of Applicant’s default with respect of the Indebtedness, to require Diatec Canada to proceed against Applicant or to pursue any other remedy available to Diatec Canada other than under this Guarantee and (ii) to notices or demands of any kind whatsoever in regard to the Indebtedness or this Guarantee. The undersigned consents to any modification, renewal, extension, acceleration or other change in the terms of the Indebtedness, and agrees to subordinate any indebtedness of Applicant to the undersigned, now existing or hereafter arising, to the Indebtedness.

Payment Terms: Customer payment for all purchases of merchandise and service from Diatec Canada is due thirty days from invoice date (NET 30 INVOICE).

Cheques: In order to ensure proper credit to a customer’s account, Diatec Canada would appreciate that customers reference their Diatec Canada account number and invoice numbers on the face of each payment cheque.

Refunds: Diatec Canada will, at customer’s written request, issue a cheque whenever a customer’s account reflects a credit balance, except when the credit is derived from credit for salvage goods; otherwise credit balances will be deferred to future purchases.

Adjustments: Upon receipt, the customer should examine the statement carefully. If any entry on a customer’s statement appears to be in error, Diatec Canada requests the customer to please direct an inquiry to the Diatec Canada Accounting Department. Please reference the Diatec Canada account number on all correspondence. Payment of the undisputed amount must be made by the normal due date.

PST & GST: PST Exemption No: Customer is required to send a copy of the PST Exemption Certificate with completed credit application. GST Exemption No: Customer is required to send a copy of the GST Exemption Certificate with completed credit application.

Payment Method: Cheques, Visa, Mastercard, or Cash on Pick-up. Refunds will be issued in form of cheque only. No credit card refunds.